I want to be a professional  Chcę być aktorem 

I want to be an actor  Chcę być profesjonalistą        

Jedna myśl nt. „PROJECT”

  1. It’s very interesting that you work with Scena Moliere. We are very familiar with their work. In 2009 we had the pleasure of seeing their production of BRAT NAŠEGA BOGA at the Blind in Theatre Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. We have been attending the festival since 2001 and it was wonderful to see Scena Moliere’s work!

    We are also very aware of Europe’s perception on disability and the overall unwillingness to recognize disabled theatre as “professional art”. Vojin Peric, who is the Artistic Director of Novi Zivot, the oldest blind theatre company in the world, has been working for many years to get his country to recognize the work of NOVI ZIVOT as professional. Vojo is very involved with the European Blind Union and has been fighting to correct this unjust inequality. The key is trying to alter the perceptions of disability among those of us who aren’t disabled. This is tremendously difficult because these perceptions have been engrained in us for centuries. What’s even more difficult is that the perceptions have permeated the disabled as well. How do we change this thinking? This is something that we all must work on together. NV

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